Mustafa Koçak was a 28 year old Turkish teenager. About 3 years ago, he was kidnapped and detained by political police in Istanbul. The reason for his detention was the detractors of a person whom police had forcibly testified about Mustafa through threats and blackmail. Not only Mustafa, more than 300 people were detained and arrested by the police for the false statements of this slander. Mustafa was kidnapped and detained on charges of involvement in an unrelated incident only because of these false statements, and held in custody for 12 days. This is how the process that led Mustafa to his death, in which he was wanted to drown in Injustice, and it began. 

The political police pressured and tortured Mustafa Koçak for 12 days, forcing him to give false testimony against others through threats and blackmail. Mustafa did not accept this dishonour, he resisted. The police and the prosecutor’s Office banned 110 lawyers from meeting with Mustafa so that the torture of Mustafa would not be exposed. Mustafa was arrested for refusing to give false testimony despite all the torture and threats. He was unlawfully imprisoned for months for an incident that had nothing to do with it. March June 2013, Mustafa Koçak was accused of participating in an incident in which Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, who was investigating the murder of Berkin Elvan by police in Istanbul during the June uprising, was taken hostage by two DHKC members, Safak Yayla and Bahtiyar Doğruyol, at the Istanbul courthouse on March 31, 2015, and killed as a result of a police operation. Dhkc members Şafak Yayla and Bahtiyar Doğruyol were also killed by the police in this operation, and how this action was carried out could not be revealed by the police. The Turkish police blamed Mustafa for this act by using false witness statements to hide his failure. There was no other evidence other than the testimony of a false witness that Mustafa Koçak was involved in this incident. Another witness who testified against Mustafa confesses that this statement is taken as a result of pressure and threats from the police these statements are not true, do not accept that, reported in writing to the court, but the court did not consider it. The court rejected requests by Mustafa and his defense lawyers to listen to this witness and to gather evidence in Mustafa’s favor. He did not give Mustafa the right to defend himself. 

At the end of the trial, Mustafa was given an aggravated life sentence and 42 years in prison. The court declared that they had made this unlawful decision “in good conscience”, given without any evidence other than the testimony of a false witness. 

But we know that the court gave Mustafa this punishment not by conscience but by the instructions of the political state, the AKP government. In other words, Mustafa Koçak was a political prisoner whom the Turkish government punished by a political trial in order to avenge the murder of a prosecutor by the DHKC. All the illegalities experienced during the trial are indicative of this fact that the court gave Mustafa such a severe punishment without any evidence.

That is why Mustafa Koçak, this lawlessness, this injustice, this arbitrariness did not bow to hunger strike. He wanted a fair trial. All he wanted was a retrial in an independent court by impartial judges. He wanted his right to defend. He wanted to hear his own witnesses. He demanded that the witness, who had made false statements against him through torture and threats, and who had reported this to the court, be heard again. He wanted the law to be enforced with these demands, to make his voice heard, to tell him that he wanted a fair trial, he turned his hunger strike action to a death strike on the 90th day, he fasted to death. For 297 days, the AKP government and the courts that punished Mustafa were didn’t want to hear Mustafa’s request for a fair trial. 

​Mustafa’s demand was very simple, simple and clear. He just wanted a re-trial and a fair trial. That was an acceptable demand. But instead of accepting his demand, AKP fascism tried to end its resistance by forcibly intervening first. On the 254th day of Mustafa Koçak’s death fast, he was forcibly taken to the hospital against his will and against the law. He was tortured for 5 days under the name of “medical intervention” and ”feeding”. Handcuffed to the bed by his arms and feet, Mustafa was forced to feed 73 times by inserting a serum. And he was raped with a baton. Despite all these tortures, Mustafa did not give up his resistance. He continued to ask for justice, to cry out his hunger for a fair trial. Mustafa sought justice with his hunger for 297 days. He wanted to ease his hunger for justice by resisting for 297 days. He wanted to ease his hunger for justice by resisting for 297 days. His family, friends and comrades told him about the cruelty and injustice that had been done to him for 297 days. And Mustafa Koçak last night, on April 24, 2020, the 297th of the resistance was immortalized in this day, hungry for justice. No distortions, no demagoguery can hide Mustafa’s killers. Mustafa’s killer is the one who starved him of Justice.  AKP fascism and the judges and prosecutors, doctors, prison wardens, guards tortured Mustafa they are who wanted to bury Mustafa alive in concrete graves. Those From the top to the bottom are the parts of this mechanism, those who clog their ears to Mustafa’s cry for justice. Helin Bolek Grup Yorum member was on a death strike to sing her songs freely she was immortalised on the 288th day of her resistance, Mustafa Kocak who wanted a fair trial was immortalised on the 297th day of his resistance. Grup yorum member Ibrahim Gokcek has been on a death strike for 312days to sing his songs freely. People’s Law Firm lawyer Aytaç Ünsal 82, lawyer Ebru Timtik 112 days on death fast on demand for a fair trial. Political prisoners Didem Akmak and Ozgur Karakaya have also been on death fast for 66 days, demanding a fair trial. “I can’t breathe, I don’t have time anymore,” Mustafa Koçak said in his last phone call with his family the day before his death. 

Yes, there is no more time for Mustafa. But time has stopped for Mustafa, but time is still flowing for them. We still have time for them. 

We lost Helin and Mustafa, let them live.

We have to keep them alive. Together and with stronger struggle, with our support, with our ownership, we can keep them alive. Let the demands of Ibrahim Gökçek member of Grup Yorum on death Fast be accepted!

The demands of the people’s lawyers and revolutionary prisoners Didem Akman and Ozgur Karakaya for a fair trial shall be accepted! 




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